General Requirements

  • Members will NOT receive credit for GM if you leave while the firm’s presentation is ongoing.
  • Keep an eye out for our Calendar on upcoming events to fulfill your requirements!
  • Dress code:
    • Pledge or recruiting members: Business casual
    • Initiate and above: Smart casual
  • Please note that Beta Alpha Psi Member Hours will be updated every Tuesday by midnight as an attachment on this page. It will also be sent out in the newsletter. If you have work/class conflicts with one of the mandatory events, please email the VP of Membership with a copy of your schedule at least 72 hours prior to the event. We will not be able to excuse you otherwise.
  • Also keep in mind that members need to fulfill their requirements to cross. If members are not able to cross, members are prohibited from membership application the following semester.
If you believe that the scorecard does not accurately reflect your involvement hours, please email the VP of Membership and include your USC ID number in the correspondence.

Service Requirements

Upon acceptance into Beta Alpha Psi, members are to attend 4 mandatory fraternity events and to fulfill service requirements, listed below. Members will not be able to cross to the next membership status if they do not fulfill all requirements by the end of the semester. Students that fail to cross must wait one semester before reapplying for membership.

Mandatory Fraternity Events

Mandatory events must be attended by ALL MEMBERS. You will receive 1 strike for each event you do not attend. If you cannot attend, you must receive clearance from the VP of Operations no later than 48 hours before the event unless otherwise specified.

  • Saturday, February 3, 2018: BAP Retreat
  • Saturday, February 17, 2018: Community Service Event at LA Food Bank
  • Wednesday, April 4: Election General Meeting


REQUIREMENTS GM(meetings) P & C(hours) CS(hours) FUND(credits)
Pledge 8 7 7 3
Initiate 6 5 6 3
Active 1 2 4 5 3
Active 2+ 2 4 4 3

Professional or Coaching Hours

Each member of ВАP must complete a designated number of professional hours.If you cannot attend meetings due to a class or work conflict, please fill out the “GMs Conflict Form” in the “Next Steps.”.

  • Pledge: Attend at least 8 meetings and 7 additional professional hours
  • Initiate: Attend at least 6 meetings and 5 additional professional hours
  • Active 1: Attend at least 2 meetings and 4 additional professional hours
  • Active 2+: Attend at least 2 meetings and 4 additional professional hours

Members must display professional conduct in order to receive credit for attending general meetings. Members carrying side conversations, using electronic devices, and other unprofessional behavior during the presentation will NOT receive attendance credit for that meeting.

Community Service

ВАP members take pride in giving back to the community. All members of the organization are required to perform community service to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Pledge: 7 hours per semester
  • Initiate: 6 hours per semester
  • Active 1: 5 hours per semester
  • Active 2+: 4 hours per semester

Members who RSVP but fail to show up to the event without proper notification will receive 1 strike.


In order to maintain the organization, it is necessary for members to be actively involved in several fundraising events held during the semester. Each member is required to fulfill 3 fundraising credits. To earn credits, members will either contribute their own time and participate in fundraising events, or enter themselves into raffle drawings. It is possible to earn more than one credit at any of the fundraising events. The following is a tentative list of fundraising events:

  • Professional photo shoot
  • BAP merchandise sales
  • Raffle drawing for lunch/dinner with professionals
  • Beta Alpha Pie Toss

Outside Hours (Optional)

Beta Alpha Psi recognizes professional and community service hours completed outside the organization (i.e. workshops held by the Career Placement and Planning Center and community service events held by other organizations). You can earn a maximum of 2.5 outside professional hours or 2.5 outside community service hours. However, to receive credit for those hours, you must: (1) confirm the eligibility of the event with the VP of Membership at least 24 hours before the event, (2) fill out a confirmation form online at, and (3) take a photo of yourself at the event and submit to for verification within 72 hours of the event. Please click here for more details.

Strike System

BAP highly values professionalism, dedication and responsibility. BAP members shall make a commitment to developing themselves and growing together with their fellow brothers and sisters. Members will receive 1 strike for each Mandatory Event that he/she fails to attend. In addition, if a member signs up to attend a community service event and fails to attend, he/she will receive 1 strike. Members can decline their reservation no later than 24 hours before the community service event.
  • 1st Strike: Warning will be given
  • 2nd Strike: Member must earn 2 additional service hours or fundraising credits
  • 3rd Strike: Grounds for expulsion from BAP

BAP PIN System

As a benefit, BAP members will be provided with pins to better identify their affiliations with Beta Alpha Psi at all recruiting events. Professionals are notified that BAP members have these pins. Pledges are required to wear pledge pins at General Meetings. At the end of the semester, all pledges will turn in their pledge pins. Upon crossing, pledges will receive full membership pins. Pledges are required to pay a $10 deposit at the beginning of the year. The deposit will be returned at the end of the semester if the pledge pins are returned and well-kept.