2. Upload your Professional Photo

Please use the tool below to upload your portrait as part of membership application.

If you have any classes or works conflicting with weekly GMs, please fill out GMs Conflict Form

3. Your payment submitted via Venmo, or a check payable to USC Beta Alpha Psi for the following amount:

Pledge – $185
Initiate – $90
Active 1 – $65
Active 2+ – Free

* Pledge – $185 ($120 membership fee + $65 national chapter fee)

If you are making your payment via Venmo, please go to https://venmo.com/bap-usc. Login with your username and password, or create a new account. Once you have logged in, press pay to submit your respective fee.

(The full amount shall be refunded should you not be accepted into Beta Alpha Psi. Refunds to those who are accepted, but wish to withdraw will only be made within one week following the application deadline. Applicants must submit a valid reason that requires approval from the Executive Board)

Thank you!

Your application has been recorded. You will receive an email from Beta Alpha Psi notifying you of the decision.