1. Do I need any previous teaching experience to be a part of Junior Achievement?

No! While it may help to have had experience with tutoring or teaching in general, this is a learning experience for all of us and we highly encourage any interested members to join! All we ask for is your enthusiasm and commitment.

2. Does volunteering with JA count towards my Community Service Requirements for BAP?

Yes! You will easily fulfill your service requirements by joining JA. Please see “What is the time commitment” or the JA pamphlet for more details.

3. What do I need to prepare in order to teach for JA?

Materials and training will be provided by JA. You should meet up with your teaching group before each class in order to familiarize yourself with the materials and split up the tasks amongst your team members. A MANDATORY orientation for all volunteers will take place in the fifth week of the semester.

4. How many volunteers will be teaching one class?

We will have 2-4 volunteers per class. You will be assigned a group based on availability, but we will do our best to place some experienced volunteers in each group. If you would like to volunteer together with another individual, please make sure all parties indicate so in the application.

5. What is the time commitment?

You will teach one class that contains 5-7 chapters. While depending on your availabilities, you will be assigned to teach at 3 different schools. The number of session you teach at each visit also depends on the length of your class session. However, everyone should be ready to commit 7 hours in total during this semester, in addition to any necessary prep work.

6. Where will we be teaching?

In the past, the schools have been between 3-6 miles from USC, 15-20 minutes away.

7. How will we arrive at the school if we do not have a car?

You do not need to worry about the transportation! We will make sure that each team has at least one team member who is willing to drive and your whole team will go to the school together.

8. What is the class schedule like? When will I teach?

Sessions are weekdays, between 8 am – 4 pm and vary each semester. Please indicate all your availability in the application and we will match you to the best of our ability to a class time!

Direct any additional questions or concerns to VP of Community Service at communityservice.usc.bap@gmail.com!